The magician removes a cigarette from the pack and breaks it into several pieces. He places the pieces into his hand and when he opens his hand the cigarette has been magically restored. He then tears the filter off the cigarette and places it into his pocket. Making a magical jesture over the remaining filterless cigarette the filter is seen to visibly reappear on the broken cigarette!Check out the video demo HERE


What they are saying about BREAK THE HABIT

"This looks pretty cool, The prop is well made, and looks extremely realistic."
-GENII Magazine Dec. 2006 issue

"Break the Habit allows one to perform masterful cigarette manipulations
without knuckle busting moves, freeing up the performer to concentrate on
entertaining his clientele."
-Brad Henderson

"I'm delighted to see you've got this available again -- I've always thought this was the very best gimmick for the perfect illusion of breaking and restoring a cigarette!"
-Michael Ammar

"This is visually stunning beyond description!"
- James George -

The magician has a card selected, noted and placed on top of the deck. He tells the spectator that he is going to read his mind. He then tells him that he is drawing a blank.The magician then turns the spectator's selected card face up. The chosen card has changed and is now blank.
He has the spectator to hold the blank card up beside his face. The magician takes out his camera phone and takes a photo of the spectator holding the blank card. When the photo on the cell phone screen is shown to the spectator, it is a photo of him or her holding, not the blank, but his or her selected card! WOW! The photo on the screen is of the spectator holding their selection.


What they are saying about Rodger Lovins' CALLING CARD.
 "Calling Card is the best trick I have seen in a long time! I can't convey here the excitement and enthusiasm I feel for this effect. I told Rodger Lovins the creator of the effect that I thought his creation was a candidate for the 'Trick of the Year!' Since I have been in magic over 50 years, I am not easily impressed! I am impressed."

- John Rogers

 "My cell phone is set up for Calling Card."
- Lance Burton

"One of the most ingenious, impromptu effects to come along in a long time. Easy to do, very clever, and ready in a flash! I love it!"
- Bob Escher I.B.M. Past International President

"Not everything has to been funny, some just blow people away! Calling Card is one of those tricks. I love it!"
-Stephen Bargatze

"Calling Card is topical, novel, fun and a fooler."
- Gene Anderson

"Rodger Lovins,an amateur magician from Kentucky has brought to market Calling Card, a clever trick using a camera phone"
-Magic Magizine May 2006

The magician has two cards selected by two spectators. He tells them that a lot of people ask, "how long have you been doing magic?" The magician tells them that a picture is worth a thousand words. He takes out a photo of a small child, age 1, holding a playing card. He asks the first spectator to show his card. IT MATCHES THE CARD THE CHILD IS HOLDING IN THE PHOTO! Placing the photo onto the open outstretched hand of the 2nd spectator,  he asks what card he selected. He turns his card over and reveals his selection. When he turns the laminated photo back over, the photo has changed and now the child star is holding the second spectator's selection! The photo never leaves their sight! Easy to do.
Check out the video demo HERE


What they say about PLAYTIME

“Thanks Rodger Play Time is my favorite trick to carry in my pocket!”
-Mac King

“Rodger Lovins has done it once again! He has created a piece of magic that is a real stunner! When Rodger sent me a copy of his new idea, I knew right away that “PLAY TIME” would be another success in a long line of ideas coming from this magical genius.”
-John Rogers
"It fits in my wallet and is with me at all times. I really like the way Rodger thinks! Play Time is a keeper."
-Stephen Bargatze

 "I like this trick very much, as it is simple, commercial, and a fooler"
-GENII Magazine Dec. 2006 issue

 "I've become a big fan of Rodger Lovins' thinking. His thinking is clever, his routines thoughtfully constructed, and his props great pieces of work. I said that to say this: "Play-Time" is probably his best work to date. This is a piece I genuinely love."
VISIONS- Aug. 2007

To order extra Playtime gimmicks only (2) send us $5.00 and a self addressed, stamped envelope to Rodger Lovins Magic 731 Joe Lewis Rd, Somerset KY 42503.

The Ultimate Coin Purse is a utility device designed with the magical performer in mind. It has several uses and is a very versatile prop. Included with the purse are two crochet balls, illustrated instructions with performance tips and 5 great routines to get you started. The uses for the Ultimate Coin Purse are endless! It is a switching device, change purse, and chop purse all rolled into one! I am confident you will find many uses for the Ultimate Coin Purse.Watch the video demo HERE.


What they say about my Ultimate Coin Purse
"This is wildly practical: a chop cup that packs flat, holds your coins for you (in a more masculine manner than a snap purse) while waiting to be used, and allows for some neat work to be done. Things like reset times and set-up and the like all depend on what you do with it, of course, but the prop itself? Great stuff"
-Visions, The Online Journal

"Shortly after opening this package I began experimenting with this prop and immediately knew how useful it could be. It is gimmicked to the hilt. Recommended".
-Genii Magazine April 2007

"...Use this with your penny to dime, or stacked quarters or stacked halves to get great results. Recommended..."
-Gorman, Mike (2007, April). Hocus In Focus. The Linking Ring Magazine

  The magician has someone choose a playing card, look at it and place it into their pocket. He then tells them to concentrate on their card. He holds his hands up to the their head in an effort to transfer the thought of card into the mind of a second spectator.  When the magician holds his hands up next to the second spectator’s head, that spectator magically reveals the name of the chosen card, even though everyone else in the room hears nothing or sees no visible signing of any kind. Somehow the chosen card seems to be revealed to the second spectator. Maybe it’s a talking deck! THIS EFFECT IS A MUST HAVE! Watch the video demo HERE


What they are saying about TALKING DECK

 “This effect is pure genius in its presentation! A novel approach to hide the gimmick is another great idea from Rodger Lovins!
The viewers never even suspect the method!”
-John Rogers

 “Every time Rodger Lovins put out a new effect, it is a must have for me. The Talking Deck is one trick that I will put in my show. I love this trick. It could be his best trick yet!”

-Stephen Bargatze

“Everything Rodger comes up with is direct, to the point, magic. The Talking Deck is no exception. Plus, it’s a really funny idea.”
-Mac King

"Talking Deck" still remains one of the slickest card revelations on the market today. The way it plays -- sometimes, more the way the spectators make this play after it's over -- make for a piece of work that is so unusual, so delightfully weird, that it can creep into reputation-maker territory."
-Visions, June 2007

 "The plot of this trick is unusual. Even though the spectator hears a "VOICE" no one else in the room does! This thing is pretty neat."
-Genii Magazine

The Magician shuffles the deck of cards and places them on the table. He tells the spectator that they are going to play a little game of HIGH CARD. He tells the spectator that each of them will take turns cutting the deck, and see who cuts to the highest value card. Twos being the lowest and aces the highest. The spectator goes first and then the performer. Back and forth until each have four cards. The magician cuts to an ace every time, even though the spectator has cut the deck in between each one of his turns. The performer then goes into his or her favorite 4 ace routine! This is good stuff.Watch the demo HERE


What they are saying about BREATHER
 "The shape of the "Breather" is cleverly hidden within the design.. The card handles easily,and you should not have any difficultly using your Breather right out of the package"

-Genii Magazine, July 2007

 "Breather is an excellent and totally invisible makes effects almost effortless and is virtually impossible to detect.. I am going to recommend Breather because of the versatility of the gimmick and because it is made so well."
-Linking Ring, July 2007


  Calling Card Extra is designed for digital cameras, and larger screen PDA’s. It works the same way as Calling Card, but is designed for larger screens. This way if you don’t have a cell phone with a camera, you can still do Calling Card with your Digital Camera, or PDA with Calling Card EXTRA!



This effect is not new. However this is the routine that I use, where the dime is signed and changes places with the penny!

 The magician has the spectator sign their initials on the dime and he is seen to place it into his pocket. The penny is placed into the spectators hand. When the magician taps the penny with the Sharpie, it changes places with the dime and now the signed dime is in the spectators hand, and the penny is in the magicians pocket. Watch the video HERE


What they say about TAP IT!

"The product description says it all. It's a very strong bit of magic. It's visual and the magic happens in your helper's hand. It uses everyday objects, one of which can be borrowed. It's easy to do. It's basically impromptu. What more do you want? The props are well made and should last a lifetime. Even though the pen will eventually run dry, it's pretty easy to make up a new one.
There's not much more to say. It's a great bit of magic!"
-Bryce Kuhlman

 My Lovely Assistant Reviews


"KOG-NISH-AN"- (The mental process of knowing.)
Rodger Lovins has done it again! Mind blowing magic effect, yet easy to do. From the youngest beginner to the seasoned pro. All will have a use for Rodger Lovins' Card Cognition Deck.
The Magician has a card selected from the deck. He has the spectator think of a picture of their chosen card in his or her mind. He is then able to read their thought and transfer it to another spectator's mind where the 2nd spectator is able to know the chosen card. Wild card trick! Easy to do! Check out the video demo HERE

What they are saying about CARD COGNITION
"I think the best way to fool an audience or just a close friend is to use what is called the "Instant Stooge". Rodger Lovins has come up with one of the best I have ever seen. Card Cognition. It was the big hit at the IBM convention in Nashville Tennessee."
-Stephen Bargatze

 "I tested this out about 15 times in the Club Room and Library of our favourite magic club and the reaction was excellent. Several of the assembled magicians said they were going to buy one....No real skill required (except presentation), instantly resets – I like it."
-Matthew Field, The Magic Circular Magazine

"...I really like this deck and I like the routines that can be done with it."
-Shane, Online Visions

"...there’s lots to like about Rodger Lovins Card Cognition deck that will appeal to both beginners and experienced magicians. "
-Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion


The performer pulls his pants pocket inside out. He tells the spectators that, when he was young, his mother would sew his pockets with invisible thread. He pretends to thread a needle and sew his pocket. As he does this, the pocket is seen to rise up without any visible means whatsoever! You must see this one! Full routine and instructions on DVD. Watch video demo HERE

 What they are saying about OUT OF POCKET


  “My friends Bob Escher and Rodger Lovins have released a new trick that has passed the ultimate test: Both my wife and daughter thought it was jaw-droppingly excellent! You have to try it to believe the reaction.”

-Mac King


OUR MAGNUM Color Changing Knives

 Our Color Changing Knives are constructed with stainless steel blades, brass liners and nickle silver bolsters. They are built to last! The beautiful workmanship on these knives as well as the design make them one of the best in the business. Just ask around!
SET OF 3 KNIVES - 125.00

What they say about my Color Changing Knives
“Here is a set of knives that can be seen from a distance and the 'secret action' is easy to perform. They are beautiful knives...heirloom quality”
-Doc Eason

"Really the best I have ever felt or seen"

-Tim Wright


"Beautiful Workmanship! They are the prettiest set of color changing knives I have ever seen."

- Whit "Pop" Haydn


"If it's Rodger Lovins', just buy it!"- -Stephen Bargatze


“These knives are great! If you can carry only one trick in your pocket to be confiscated by TSA, make it Rodger Lovins' knives."
-Mac King


 "The Rodger Lovins color changing knives are  works of art.  Not only are they stunningly beautiful, but their weight and balance provides an ease of handling that is hard to match.

-David Larkins Magician


  "I received my Knives, what a great job you have done. I cannot believe the quality of these for the price."
-Mark Mason


"This is my favorite trick to carry with me every day!"


For video instructions click HERE



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